Roane County Highpoint Trip Report

Mt Roosevelt (2,036 ft)

Date: May 31, 2004
Authors: Jerry and Betty Brekhus

This is a drive-up. From the junction of US 70 and US 27 a mile or two southeast of Rockwood, take US 70 west through a junkyard with lots of auto bodies on both sides of the road. Go uphill two miles to the summit road on the right. We did not see a sign to mark the road to the summit. The steep grade climbs 650 feet or so in a mile and a half.

If you get your hands on a county map, you can see where the road is located. It is not shown on the state highway map.

We walked around on the high ground but did not climb the stairs to the lookout tower. Another visitor remarked that the steps looked possibly rotten, which was our impression as well. Good views of Rockwood, a mile and a half away and 1100 feet below, are seen from picnic tables at the edge of the summit area.