Rutherford County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 19, 2001
Author: Mike Beavers

I bought a GPS a couple of days prior to this trip and used it to find my way to the various high points in this area. The GPS made a big difference in the amount of time it took to complete this multi-point monster.

I parked at the Douglas Green cemetery and followed the old roads, trails etc. to Harrold Cemetery grabbing fourteen of the high points. Since Ken Oeser's trip, the road between the first and second cemetery has been gated and posted. I didn't see anybody to ask permission so I crossed the gate and continued forward. Prior to the gate, the land on either side is posted as belonging to a man named Tink Drive.

As I was returning to my truck, the owner of the land caught me and told me if he caught me on is property again that he would make me a permanent part of his property. He didn't like my truck being parked at the cemetery either and said I was lucky that it hadn't caught on fire. He also stated that I was lucky because his wife had seen my truck and that she might have shot me since she is not in her right mind. He said that he now owned the land the land that has Tink Drive's name on it. He said that when he came back from his farm that me and my little truck had better be gone. Fortunately I had completed all of the high points in county and beat a hasty retreat from the area. (I had completed the high spot on the other ridge prior to going to the first cemetery). I didn't use Ken's report but it is a good report and I don't have anything to add to it other than the gated road and irate farmer.