Shelby County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 17, 2001
Author: Jeff Runder

The first highpoint is located southeast of Collierville on the Fayette County Line. From Memphis take TN 385 to its terminus at US Highway 72, southeast of Collierville, then continue southeast to Main Rd which forks off the south side of the highway at a pipeline right of way. Park here and follow a dirt road of sorts along the pipeline right of way to a fallow field. Cross the field to the highpoint area to the south which appears to be in thick brush along a tree line running along a fence on the edge of the field. Round trip walk to the highpoint is not much over a half mile.

The second area is just east of Fisherville, which is north of Collierville. From the junction of Collierville-Arlington Road, TN 205, and Macon Road, TN 193, proceed east on Macon Road a little over a mile to a dual drive on south side of the road. The high point is short dash into a fenced horse pasture. No houses are in the immediate vicinity. The property is not posted.

The third high point is in northern Shelby County northeast of Millington. There are two areas on either side of Rosemark Road. The western area is in a new and well kept stable which goes by the name White Oak Farms. I spoke with the owners of the property; they were not impressed with its 430-foot elevation. The highpoint appears to be in the vicinity of the horse walking track. The eastern area, just across the road, is in a narrow soybean field which sits between two houses. The property appears to belong to the more distant house.