Shelby County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 26, 2008
Author: Dennis Dean

I used Fred Dale’s excellent report and only need to add the following updates.

For the two areas near Moore Cemetery the eastern one on the county line is likely gone. There is active construction and grading going on and it looks like they are putting in a subdivision. I walked on the highest ground at the county line but it seemed obvious to me that the workers had graded the small highpoint away. For the area to the west I parked at a gravel pullout east of the contour and hopped an unposted fence. Out in the field I looked east toward the construction and did not see anything as high as the ground I was standing on.

For the southern area, the gravel road Hans Haustein mentioned was gated and posted. I drove just past the county line and parked at a gravel pullout. I then walked south in a cleared field along the wood line until I reached the highest land. I this point I went into the woods a short ways until I reached the fence the likely divides the counties. I walked along the fence for a bit and called it good.

When I returned to my car, I started to turn around when I hit something. At that point I remembered the 18-inch high concrete post that I saw when I pulled in -- oops. I used some wire I found on the ground to reattach my bumper to my car, picked up the salvageable pieces and parts of my car and drove to the Infiniti dealership in Memphis because that was the only repair place that was open on a Saturday afternoon. After $1,500 (good thing I had just received my economic stimulus check), I was back in business and heading east to Fayette, TN.