Shelby County Highpoint Trip Report

five areas (430-440 feet)

Dates: November 16-17, 2008
Author: Tom Owen

Fred Dale’s report is sufficient. I did the northern points and Tipton county on the first day, and the southern and east ones the next.

Hagy’s Corner on Rosemark Road – Agree that the east side of road is higher than the White Oak Farm side.

Highway 72 area – This area is undergoing some construction/development. Take Highway 72 south from either Bill Morris Parkway (385) or downtown Collierville. There is a short driveway before the locked gate or, on the Fayette County side of the line, there is a large open field that looks as though it will soon be under development where one could park. The fence line is still the county line and, while the gravel road was gated and locked, there was no fence blocking access to the field next to the road so park and walk around till satisfied.

Two areas and Macon road at Fayette county line – There is some nearby construction here that could change things for the Shelby County high point. The west are is unchanged and the access lane is still there. Arriving at the east area, though, there is an overpass being constructed and, depending on where the county line is exactly, there is a hill that clocks in at 450+ feet. It is east of the fence line of the property Fred Dale notes so it may be in Fayette County. Perhaps someone with better knowledge or a sight level could help determine the right spot.