Sullivan County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 2005
Author: Patrick Craft

As another warm-up hike for Mount Rainier, I opted to summit Holsten High Knob via the Morrell trail and FS 202. The Morrell trail is one of many trails that ascends the west side of Holsten Mountain. It climbs about 1,650 feet in 2.2 miles, to the Forest Service road about 2 miles northeast of the HP. I made the summit, left my 55-pound pack , changed into lightweight hikers and headed down the road. Up top, the temperature was in low 50's, some rain with a stiff wind. Down the road I saw a memorial for 2 pilots killed in an F-4 crash in 1952. I then met the FS law enforcement officer, Scott Cairnes, and we spent 20 minutes discussing trails, the mountain, the local gremlins, and illicit methamphetamine trade. He gave me his business card with cell number in case I came onto any naughtiness.

I made the summit and it is an FAA azimuth site. It is not completely surrounded by fence. I strolled about and noticed the knob south looked to be less elevated. On the way back to my pack, the pickup that had been at the FAA site drove down the road. I spoke with the gentleman driving and a few minutes later a 4 door FS 1/2 ton truck stopped to talk with me. Inside were, what appeared to be, 6 retired adults on their way to cut some grass on the mountain. At Deep Gap I noticed FS trail 2022, the Low Gap trail. I noticed it wasn't on the map and made a mental note to check up on this trail (as well as another trail, Holsten Mountain trail #2020, near Rye Knob).

I made it back to the pack and to the car in 45 minutes and home in another 30. Nice day for a hike and meet some folks.