Sullivan County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 8, 2006
Author: Patrick Craft

I took my 9 year old son on a hike to the Holsten High Point. He's not sure about this HP business but I talked (told) him out of watching football and going on a hike instead. I've noticed a few trails on the ridge that I wanted to explore. We climbed the Morrell trail to the ridgeline (1,250 foot gain, 2.2 miles, in about one hour). Its a great trail, a little steep but has a spring at the 9th switchback. Good views as it switchbacks 11 times under the power line; South Holsten Lake, Bristol, Beartown Mountain, Clinch Ridge, and High Knob (Wise County VA HP) in the distance.

We walked southwest down Panhandle Road and intersected the Holsten Mountain trail. I was pretty sure it came out on Panhandle Road at the far west towers but I've never hiked it. We walked on the trail in a little bit of snow, maybe 3 miles, to the towers. We then walked northeast down Panhandle Road to the HPs. In looking, it seems as though the peak with the FAA transponder is higher than the knoll to the west.

We then took the road and the trail back to the car. My calculation is almost 10 miles in 4 hours. I'm pretty proud of my little man walking (and sometimes running) to keep up with my fast pace.