Williamson County High Point Trip Report

Dates: October 20 and 22, 2000
Author: Ken Oeser

2 western areas on Duck River Ridge

From the Highway 431/248 junction just west of the Highway 248/Peytonsville Rd exit from I-65 south of Franklin, go south on Highway 431 about 4 miles and cross under I-65, then go another 1.5 miles and turn left onto Bethesda Rd. The road turns sharp right after 1.5 miles. Just past the right turn, turn left onto Reed Road and drive about 1.3 miles to the end of the road to the farmhouse of Dan Johnson. Ask permission, then hike northwest uphill through the field from the barn to the top of the ridge, then follow this ridge northeast to the main ridge, then go left/north and west to the two areas at 1240+ ft. The top is pretty level, and I doubt the elevation rise within the contours is even 10 feet, which means they are very likely not higher than the 1256 area on Pulltight Hill.

2 eastern areas on Duck River Ridge

From the previous points, drive back to Bethesda Road and turn left. Go 0.7 mile and turn left, then follow this road 2 miles to a 4-way intersection and go straight. Stay left at 0.3 mile then after 1.5 miles, turn left (which is straight) onto Pulltight Hill Road. Drive to the top of the hill and turn left into a driveway and go uphill past a radio tower. Ask permission at the house and walk west down the ridge to the two areas at 1240+ feet. The first area has some elevation gain, but maybe only 10 feet, and the second area probably less than that, so these are also likely lower than Pulltight Hill.

Pulltight Hill and area 1.3 mile south

From the top of Pulltight Hill Road, drive south a short distance and go up the second driveway on the left. The house is on the 1256 spot. Ask permission to walk to the other area on the other side of the horse pen to the south. This area is about the same elevation of the house, and these are likely the two highest spots in the county.