Andrews County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 28, 2002
Author: Bob Packard

Drove south on TX 349 to go west through Andrews, TX to NM 18, then north 3 miles to a dirt road which I took 3.3 miles east, then southeast to windmill and cattle tank with cattle, then south and east and finally northeast to a turn-around at the end of the road in the northeast part of section 20 Eunice NE, TX Quad. Tried in vain to find the road going northeast from gravel pit at the southwest corner of section 18.

Hiked northeast on Sandy brushy ground to point 3565+ just southeast of the F in the word FIELD from which I saw my prey to the north, 3570+ area #1, which I went to at (32° 29.07' N, 103° 3.62' W). Sand dunes. Then north to area #2 and area #3, the latter (west) one at (32° 29.24' N, 103° 3.52' W).

Then west to the largest area #4 on Lea, NM - Andrews, TX county line at (32° 29.84' N, 103° 3.90' W).

Total time was 2 hours, with 5 miles walking.