Angelina County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 31, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

Angelina County has two areas and although a mere few hundred yards apart they could not be more diverse in character. One area is the setting of academic pursuits where they distill the nuances of higher math and ponder the ethereal mysteries of life and the heavens. The other, more down to earth, is host to the bucolic smells and other bovine trappings of verdant pasture land.

From the intersection of Loop 287 circling Lufkin and H69 proceed 5.7 miles to the northwest past Central High School. Turn right on this unnamed road and continue 0.1 mile to the "Central Agricultural Science Livestock Facility" on the right. If the gate is open, the road to the right leads to various high school athletic fields. This area seems to have undergone extensive excavation for the school facilities and was probably much higher in the past.

From the northern side of these facilities, the second area can be observed in pasture land to the north and appears to be higher. To avoid the direct interest of the cows and minimize the number of fence crossings, I went to the eastern corner of the fence surrounding the water tower. Cross this fence and follow the fence perimeter to its northernmost end where you can slide under another fence and ascend to the hilltop. This route takes you through a horse pasture but avoids a cow pasture. The horses, if given a wide berth, are not bothered by your presence but the cows become very curious and follow you even though you are traveling through an adjacent field. There's no danger, but disturbing the cows may not endear you to the local farmers. There may be more convenient avenues for accessing this area.