Armstrong County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 30, 2002
Author: Bob Packard

This one really should have a trip report. The western areas I'll number south to north.

If you put Fairview, TX (5' contours) and Washburn, TX (10' contours) Quads together you see that #1 and #2 are really the same. Since the land is so flat and rises so smoothly and gradually it is clear that the hp here (and in the whole county I think) has to be in the 3535 contour on the Fairview map.

Parking on TX 1151 at Randall-Armstrong Line, walked north just east of the line and well into the area, watching the GPS the whole time. Owner of the land drove across field from the north came to meet me. No problem. Just curious as to what I was up to.

Next, I parked at Potter-Carson line on US 287 west of Washburn, getting GPS readings there and at Carson-Armstrong line on the way. Walked south into area #4 watching GPS. Don't see how this area can exceed 3535.

Next I got on CR A100 which passes right through area #3. Watching GPS walked this area west-northwest to and beyond the county line. Don't believe this area can exceed 3335 either.

Back on US 287 parked at intersection with CR 2 which is 1 mile east of CR A100 and walked northeast into area #5 and across THAT county line.

Next went east on US 287, then north on CR 4 just east of Washburn to county line (remember I had a reading for this) and walked west into area #6 watching GPS whole time. Don't see how #5 or #6 can exceed 3535.

Next got on the road (Bravo Road or Road B) that goes over area #7. HP here is in the fenced complex of farm buildings (including a nice home) to the southwest. Front gate was open and I walked right into and across the yard area and touched the barn which was sitting on the land I considered highest. Doubt that this can exceed 3535 either.