Bastrop County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 6, 2002
Author: Bill Jacobs

From I-10 exit 642 head north on H304 14.8 miles, passing the county line at 13.4 miles. Turn left at Cedar Rock Road and the high area is about four miles to the west. Where the road begins to bend to the south, at about two miles, the topo road system no longer matches reality and all roads appear to lead into private ranches. I returned to H304 and tried Ott Road, slightly less than a mile to the south (14.0 miles north of I-10).

This road eventually empties into a cow pasture near the high point. At a run-down house on the far side of the pasture I met an elderly lady who was not receptive to allowing access through her property. As best I could tell, she did not own the high point land. Alternative access might be still possible by reexamining the first approach (Cedar Rock Road) or coming in from H86 to the west.