Bastrop County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 16, 2002
Author: Bob Martin

This is a supplement to Bill Jacobs report of February 19, 2002.

It is 2.7 miles west on Ott Road to a locked gate, unposted. Don't drive clear to the gate, for there is no good turnaround. Park a couple of tenths of a mile away.

I prepared to meet the owner by donning my "Hiker Bob" cap. I practiced saying "I'm Bob. I'm a hiker." I figured she would say "I can see that by your hat." And I'd say "That shows I'm an honest man." Then after a lot more conversation I'd say "I just want to walk over to that hill." And she'd finally say "You'd better start now or you'll never make it."

Well, I walked over grass land, crossed a ridge, went over a fence, through a gate, and up to the hp on a wooded ridge. But I didn't ever see the owner or anyone else. That was the only disappointment of this hike.