Baylor County High Point Trip Report

one area (1,530+ ft)

Date: March 11, 2003
Author: Bob Martin

This cohp is on the vast Hashknife Ranch. The entrance is west from US183-US283 between Seymour and Throckmorton at the Baylor-Throckmorton county line.

The owner, Ernie Hunt, lives a couple of miles west of the highway. John Winter, the manager, lives in the house just west of the highway at the county line. Bill Bland, a worker, lives in the next house north. On a previous trip, I talked with Bill Bland, who said I would have to get permission to go onto the ranch from Ernie or John. Neither were available at that time.

This time John wasn't home, so I called Ernie. He said I was welcome to visit the hp and would have his daughter Lornie meet me at the caboose north of Bill's house and show me the way.

We drove west past Ernie's house and then on a series of lesser roads and tracks to get to the closest place she could find to drive near the hp. This proved to be just north of a fence line east of the hp. We both walked west about a half mile to the hp area, where Lornie built a cairn of dead wood very near the hp. There is a nearby point equally high to the southeast, in Throckmorton county.