Bee County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 7, 2002
Author: Bill Jacobs

On H181, two miles north of Pettus 12 miles south of Kenedy, turn west onto H798. At 6.6 miles continue straight ahead to CR2985 vice following H798 as it turns to the right. Another 3.5 miles turn left onto CR157 and after making a right turn at one half-mile park the car.

Cross the fence and start climbing the hill in a west-southwest direction. A large gray metal barn will come into view. The first high area would appear to be on a direct line between you and the barn.

The second, peanut-shaped, area is an obvious rise off to the west. To avoid having to cross two imposing fences, head northwest along the fence line to a corral with a water trough. On the backside was an open gate leading into the corral where there was a second gate leading to the second area. This is a large area, which requires extensive wandering, but there appears to be a generally higher area in the center. Be aware of curious bovines.