Bell County Highpoint Trip Report

Sevenmile Mtn

Date: January 1, 2005
Author: Bill Jacobs

Bell has two areas on top of Sevenmile Mountain with an elevation of 1220+ feet. Typically Texan Class One hiking conditions prevail. Easy enough, so far. The rub: Sevenmile Mountain is located on Fort Hood, partly inside an active ammunition storage complex.

The information on the topo maps appears to be accurate. One tiny area is completely outside the complex. A much larger area is bisected by the perimeter fence surrounding the ammunition depot. The fence is similar in design to barb-wire prison barriers. One should be able to see through to the terrain on the other side. However, the topo depicts vegetation or forest growth on both sides of the fence.

The topo shows a 1232-foot sighting next to the fence, possibly the highest point. Approaching near the fence is prohibited and could be hazardous to your health. "Similar to walking through a hunting preserve during deer season?" "No, worse. In a hunting preserve you have a chance of going undetected. Hunters also have inferior rifles and usually no AK47s."

Access to Ft. Hood does not require a military ID. A "Visitor's Pass" is sufficient providing security deems you of sound mind after telling them of your intent. Permission to hike to the top of Sevenmile Mountain requires another pass (plus a $10.00 fee) from the Hunt Control Officer - office in the Sportsman Center, telephone number 1-254-532-4552.