Blanco County High Point Trip Report

three areas (1,900+ ft)

Date: January 12, 2004
Author: Bob Martin

Each of these 3 areas is within a high-fenced, locked-gate compound with elk and other wildlife. Permission and walking are essentials to getting to these hp areas.

Entry to the western area is from Maenius Road, which runs between FM1623 and FM1888 between Fredricksburg and Blanco. From 1888, pick up this road west of Blanco a mile west of the Blanco-Kendall county line. Almost 3 miles north, just beyond 1831 BM on the topo, is entry to the closest house. The nearest point on the road to the hp is at 1733 on the topo.

For the eastern areas, drive north from Blanco on a road that starts out as Seventh Street off of FM1623 in the western part of town. This road shows as 205 on maps and 105 at a sign. In 4 1/2 miles reach a saddle just east of point 1642. Here a gated road provides entry for one route. Roads lead close to the hp which is near a tower. A tower road is another possible route.

The northern of the eastern areas is at Circle BM. This hp is near a power line which provides an access route.