Brazoria County High Point Trip Report

Damon Mound

Date: December 10, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

Damon Mound is located in the town of Damon, 40 miles southwest of Houston.

Exit H59 at Richmond and take H36 south. Approaching Damon, turn right at the small green "Damon" sign, continuing 0.2 mile to Southwell Street. Turn right here and after 0.7 mile you will find a dirt road to the right heading up to the highpoint.

This is one of two approaches which on this day I found too muddy for passage with a standard vehicle. This route appears to take you through someone's front yard and permission would probably be needed to continue on.

For an alternate access, travel another 0.2 mile down Southwell via a couple of 90 degree turns and off to the right is Damon's "boot hill". You can park on the backside of the cemetery where to the northeast, through several barb-wired fences, is Damon Mound. Both fences have sections suitable for crawling under.

The hilltop has some man-made ponds and possibly some man-made mounds. Nearby is the residence previously mentioned in the other approach. I made no inquiries.