Brooks County High Point Trip Report

spot elevation 431 ft

Date: January 14, 2004
Authors: Scott Surgent and Bob Martin

From the city of Falfurrias on US-281, proceed south very briefly to the south end of town and turn west (right) onto FM-3066. State maintenance ends after 2 miles, but the road continues on as Brooks CR-110, albeit in very poor condition. After roughly 15 miles, the road turns sharply south near the Los Compadres Ranch entrance (a backwards 7 marks the entrance). We proceeded south another 2 miles to CR-111 on our right and proceeded west a little over a mile to a rise in the road. The highpoint hill (or dune, more properly) is visible about a mile back to the north (our right). Much of the land herein appears to be owned by the Isabela Land and Cattle Company. The ranch complex gate was open, and we secured permission to enter and explore hills for the highpoint.

We actually started our hike from the west end of CR-111, near a gate and some land also owned by the Isabela Ranch. The highpoint hill is somewhat easily reached, but the last half mile was through sandy paths and brushy, thorny Texas flora. A GPS and compass were very useful in helping locate the highpoint. Unfortunately the top was covered in a nearly impenetrable mesh of thorns, vines and cactus. However, we were able to wriggle our way onto the broad summit, verifying our positions using the GPS.

On the hike out we followed a decent sandy two-track, which led out to the ranch complex rather quickly. Had we known of this route we might have shaved about 30 minutes off our time. The workers, nice as they were, had no idea where the highpoint was or even that they had it on their land.

We found the people at the ranch to be friendly. A stealth of this highpoint is not suggested. If you can secure permission, then follow this route: pass through a cattle grate immediately west of the buildings at the complex (this will be obvious as there is only one such place). Immediately turn north and walk the road as it turns into the sandy path, passing some animal pens. Stay on this path, and using compass and GPS, work your way to the highpoint. It should be no more than a half-mile one way walk from here.