Burleson County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 7, 2002
Author: Bill Jacobs

From Rockdale, H79 and F908, proceed south on F908 for 14.9 miles. Turn left on Burleson CR316 for 2.6 miles, then left again on Burleson CR310 for 1.8 miles, and left a third time on Burleson 361 for 1.7 miles. Now turn right onto a grassy pasture following the fence line for 0.2 mile to a house slightly off to the left with the name "Howard" marked on the side.

The lady residing here, along with her daughter and son-in-law, own most of the surrounding property, but not the land where the two high areas are located. They were most hospitable and drove me a half mile to a spot where I could easily approach both areas. They even returned to rescue me when it began to rain. This pasture-land route is easily driven with a 4WD or high-slung standard vehicle.

From the "Howard" house continue following the previously-described fence to the north, passing through an open gate. At the far corner of the property, find the first area on a knoll slightly off to the right in an open pasture land. A fence, lined with trees and shrubbery, crosses the high area, so both sides of the fence need to be explored.

For the second area, remain on the north side of this fence, an open swath-lane free of undergrowth, and proceed to the west. After cresting the hill continue down slope for about 50 yards and find, off to the right, a convenient trail for entering the woods. Follow this to the highest point of the trail then head northwest into the thick underbrush until the ground appears to no longer rise.