Cameron County High Point Trip Report

three areas (70+ ft)

Date: January 15, 2004
Authors: Bob Martin and Scott Surgent

The town of Santa Maria along US-281 makes a good starting point for any expedition of the mighty Cameron County highpoints. On the east edge of town, and just east of the High School, turn south off of US-281 onto River Road, then at 1.0 mile, turn right onto a field road for about 0.2 mile to a small, natural hump of land at 70+ feet. Carefully exit your vehicle to claim this first high area. Mature trees in the area suggest this area is very likely natural.

Backtrack to River Road, and continue south (now dirt) about 0.5 mile, and gain an elevated levee road that runs generally east-west and parallel to the Rio Grande. Make a mental note of this entrance point as it's not so obvious when exiting.

Two spot elevations of 75 and 76 feet are located west about a mile. These are optional but easy to visit.

Backtrack, and head east roughly 2-3 miles, tracking your position using the bends in the levee road. Two 75-foot man-made contours at La Feria Pumping Station are easily nabbed along the way.

For the remaining two natural 70-foot areas, turn south onto a road not shown on the map at this bend.

The road then follows the path of the Rio Grande. The skinny berms are easily reached. Just pull over and hop up periodically. The Rio Grande is about a 20-foot scramble below and Mexico is just across the way. The road turns north still short of the southerly skinny area. A simple walk along old paths should get you within the final area and satisfy your curiosity.

We had one encounter with the Border Patrol along the way.