Camp County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 13, 2001
Author: David Olson

West HP areas: From the town of Newsome, I headed west on FM road 11. That is road-directional west; it is geographic south at that point. After 1.5 miles, I turned south at a sign pointing to Hepzibah Baptist Church. In another 1.3 miles, at a T junction, I turned east. At 0.5 mile I stopped at Hepzibah cemetery. I hopped a decrepit barb-wire fence gate. I walked on an eroded track southwest 0.2 mile. It passes just north of the two HP areas. Dive into the brush and look for them. It is not easy to spot the highest point in either HP area. Also note the hunter stands in the area.

East HP area, Couch Mountain: The road is FM 557. There is a gravel pit where the road rounds the south end of the mountain. Next to it is an access road to a very nice house and property 1000 feet south of the HP area. They mow right to the edge of the HP area. The hillside north of the HP area is brushy to a near impenetrable scale.