Castro County High Point Trip Report

unnamed (4,000+ ft)

Date: November 12, 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

A single 4,000-foot contour pokes into Castro County, about 0.5 miles west of FM-1057, a mile south of FM-2397. A dirt track leads to just north of the highpoint area, which itself is located in the middle of a farm field. I arrived and parked momentarily along the better-maintained dirt road across the highway from the dirt track. I was basically getting my maps figured out when a local pulled up in his truck. He thought I looked lost. He got out and we talked for a bit. I told him what I was intending to do, and asked if he knew who owned the land in question. He didn't own the land himself and "sort of" knew who owned/leased the land I was asking about. He figured it would be okay if I didn't tromp around the plants. His statement when I told him I wanted to hike the highpoint was very amusing; I'm convinced he thought I was a taco short of a combo meal. We talked for a bit, then he left to go on his way.

I decided to go for the highpoint. It's a half-mile walk west along the dirt track, a cotton field to my north and an unplanted, deeply furrowed field to my left that held the highpoint. Where the cotton field ended I took to be the county line. From here I walked a few hundred feet south toward a huge Zimmatic sprinkler apparatus, and called it good. It's very flat.