Cherokee County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 9, 2001
Author: Bob Martin

unsuccessful attempt

From Rusk, I drove SE on US69 and a mile E on TX 343 to a house SE of the hp areas. There I asked a lady for permission to walk the short distance to the hp areas. She asked why. I said I just wanted to get to the hps of Cherokee county. She said why do you really want to go there, are you a government man trying to find a place for a tower. I insisted I wasn't. She insisted I was. She said no one would want to go out in a field just to get to a county high point, they must have some other reason. I said we have a lot of people who just want to get to cohps. After further discussion, she still wouldn't let me go there.

I didn't think I looked like a government man, and anyway, I thought they all retired at a much younger age than mine. We need someone like Dave Covill, who wasn't turned down in over 200 cohps, to try this one. I wouldn't recommend going without permission, as there were lots of people and dogs milling around.