Clay County Highpoint Trip Report

one area 3 5/8 miles west-northwest of Newport (1,205 ft)

one small area 2 miles west-southwest of Liberty Cemetery (1,200+ ft)

Date: May 30, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

on Newport and Vashti quadrangles

Driving: From US 287 and TX 59 in Bowie, TX zero odometer. This is a loop trip.

  0.0   US 287 and TX 59 go SW on 59
  8.2   Clay County line - go straight
11.2   TX 1288 North of Newport - turn right (north) toward Bellevue, TX
11.8   Big Sandy Road - turn left (west) on dirt
15.4   Track to the left - go straight
16.3   Liberty Road - Turn left (west)
16.9   Browning Road - turn left (south)
18.3   Dirt road - turn left (south)
19.4   Vicars Road - turn right (west)
19.7   Ranch - get permission to hike south less than a mile to point 1200+ -
          I used GPS to find the high point - back at the car, go right (north) on Watkin Road.
20.8   Browning Road - turn left (west)
21.0   Top of the hill - climb the spot elevation 1205 feet
          using GPS to find it if available - reverse auto direction.
23.0   Liberty Road - turn right (east)
23.5   Big Sandy Road - go straight
23.9   Pavement at TX 1288 - turn right (south)
27.9   Big Sandy Road - go straight
28.7   Highway TX 59 - end loop

Note 1: Although you can go directly to Liberty Road from Highway 59, by taking Big Sandy Road you get a better feel for the lay of the land. My altimeter read slightly higher on point 1200+ feet than the spot elevation.

Note 2: If you want, you can also climb Jones Peak, BM 1189 feet on the Vashti quad.