Cochran County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 24, 2002
Author: Bob Packard

I drove the 4/10 mile of sandy track to the sandy bluff area that Scott Surgent had walked. I visited the 7 areas on or to the west of the north-south fence line about 1/4 mile east of state line. The 4 areas to the east of that seem to have been bulldozed away as the north-south escarpment gives way abruptly to flat plain (corn) below. I agree with Scott that the HP is obvious and it is on the fence line about where the map shows Bledsoe BM.

As I was walking south along the fence line from there I looked to my left, east, and spied 2 pieces of concrete, one small and rounded, the other a substantial square column. Went down to inspect. Amazingly, BOTH pieces of cement had Bledsoe 1934 BM's intact. Looks as if the USGS has made at least 2 attempts to place a BM here and both have failed. Looked to me that these BM's and their stations had been bulldozed out of position.