Comal County High Point Trip Report

Author: Bob Martin

From the junction of US287 and state highway 46 east of Bourne, drive 1.2 miles east to the Devils Hill Road. Drive north to the Angel Hill Road (they don't like devils). Turn left and drive to the end of the pavement at a gated area. A locked gate is at the road leading to towers at the high point. With permission, walk or drive this road. With permission you can walk north on the west side of the fenced area and get to a point almost as high as the high point and to a point where the fencing is lower. The high point is amongst the towers.

A second point, which the map shows to be of equal height, is reached by driving west on road 46 for 1.2 miles west of US287. Turn south on Laswell Lane, go 0.4 miles to Willow Springs Road. Turn right and go west to address 2251. Go south to the house that is on the top of the hill. With permission, visit the living room or the ground below. In May, 1999, this house was under construction and the ground floor was completed. Permission to enter and stand on the high point from construction workers was considered to be satisfactory permission. It was hard to determine exactly where the highest natural ground was, but the living room was above it.