Comal County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 14, 2007
Author: Bill Jacobs

An update on Bob Martin's report. For the first area, " 1.2 miles east.." should read drive "west" to what is now called "Far Hill Road", vice, "Devils Hill Rd."

For the second area, following Bob's route (there's an easier way to get there but I don't have the details) and turn into a non-descript driveway, signed 2251 on Willow Sprigs Road. Because of new homes, instead of turning right to go up a hill, continue onto a cement driveway and exit out into a paved road. Turn right and shortly thereafter turn right again onto a another paved road. The second driveway on the right will lead you to the home on top of the highpoint. The residents were very friendly.