Concho County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 2000
Author: Bob Martin

There are two distinct hills as the high points of each of Concho and Menard counties, lying just across the county line from each other. On US190 between Eldorado and Menard, find FM2873 just E of the Menard county line. Drive N on 2873 about 7 miles, jog right, and go another 3 miles to the gated ranch entrance on the left marked Bobby Dan Sorrell. A road from the ranch entrance leads to between the highpoints of the two counties, following a route north of that shown on the topo. A mile and a half north of the ranch entrance is the county line, and just beyond is a communications tower on the left.

Sorrell owns the land in Menard county. The land in Concho county, extending a mile or so north of the county line, is leased by Mr. Pfluger from his sister-in-law. All of these folks live in town, so they may or may not be at the ranch. Permission should be obtained.

Mr Pfluger is an interesting fellow who likes to visit. He has had trouble with his knees and may need operations. Among the interesting facts he can tell you is why his name begins with a "P" rather than an "F."

Each of the 4 areas can be reached by easy walking. It's hard to tell which is highest.