Coryell County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 22, 2006
Author: Jeff Rand

All three potential highpoints are on private land in the western corner of the county near the town of Evant. Two of them are surrounding by deer blinds, making them dangerous during hunting season. I heard numerous gunshots during my first visit to the area. Parking access for these highpoints can be found at a small picnic area on the west side of US 281 at Gholson Gap near the Lampasas County line.

The first point is about a mile west of the picnic area. A broken fence line can be found in the brush just south of the picnic area. From there follow the westward fence line up the hill to a plateau. Note: The fence does not follow the county line. You will eventually need to cross to the north side of this sturdy fence. Follow the truck ruts up the gently sloping plateau. There is a new clearing on top guarded by a deer blind.

The second point is east of the picnic area. Follow the eastward-leading dirt road off of US 281 a few hundred feet until you find a break in the fence. There are number of breaks in the lower part of the fence in spite of a sturdy barbed wire across the top. From there head south up the hill to the plateau about half a mile. Though generally flat, there are some rocks in the brush near a makeshift deer blind which appear higher than the surrounding area.

To get to the third point, head east from the second across the plateau. You may have to cross a couple of fence lines but the area is fairly open. There is gate near an old windmill about a mile and half to the east. Go through the gate and head south along the power line. The highpoint is another 0.7 mile just east of the power line.