Crane County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 9, 2005
Author: Bill Jacobs

Andy Martin's report is helpful. From his starting point, the intersection of US 385 and the Ector/Crane County line, a faint road heads off to the west. According to my GPS readings, it does not follow the east/west county line but takes up a course about 20 degrees to the south of a true westerly course. Follow this road, crossing a barb-wired fence at about mid-point.

By my reckoning, the road intersected very near the south side of the highpoint contour. Here it also intersects another road running perpendicular and, if followed to the north, takes you over the spine of the highpoint contour. Note the omni-present hunter's blind and deer feeding apparatus a few hundred yards to the northwest - undoubtedly, used for wild-life photography.