Crosby County High Point Trip Report

Author: John Garner

Drive east of Lubbock on U.S. 82/62. At the town of Lorenzo, turn left (N) on FM 378 (FM is a TX secondary highway). Go north about 8 miles. You will pass one "section-line jog" where the road curves 90 degrees right and then 90 degrees back left to go straight again, veering over a section to the east.

At the second such jog, keep going straight north on a dirt road. At 0.1 miles north on the dirt road, reach intersection with another dirt road; turn left (W). Go 2 miles W on this road; then turn right (N) on another dirt road. At another dirt section line road near the county line, turn left (W). Follow this road less than half a mile; at intersection with dirt road, turn right again (N).

Once on this road, you will see a fence on your right. Keep going N for a few hundred yards, and the fence ends. At that point, you can see the HP ridge across a cotton field on the right (due east). Park. Walk across the cotton field (OK in winter, but in summer you'd have to go around, as there is no room between the plants). At the edge of the cotton field, slip through a single-strand fence into a pasture, and keep going east. Cross the pasture and go through one of the openings in a 3-strand fence (no gates or locks). This leads to the top of the HP ridge.

The HP appears to be right at the corner monument (this is a four-county corner, and Crosby is the SE side). However, I could not actually located the marker itself. Using some old farm structures on top of the ridge, I paced off the approximate location. To be sure I got the HP, I "gridded" the whole area.