Culberson County Highpoint Trip Report

Guadalupe Peak

Date: November 7, 2007
Author: Thomas Harper

My birthday present to myself was getting to and climbing Guadalupe Peak. Another butt-kicker of a hike for me but I managed to make it thanks to Dave from Albuquerque. Without his pacing and encouragement I might have turned back at a couple points but I made it.

The normal season for climbing this is winter, when the rattlesnakes are hibernating and the temperatures will be tolerable. Lather on a LOT of sunscreen, though.

The first half of the hike contains punishing switchbacks over a limestone pebble trail. It may get a little loose underfoot. After 2 miles of the switchbacks it'll end. The hike gets a lot straighter but if you're not used to the altitude that'll also slow you down a bit.

The sign for the campground marks the approximate start of the last mile. It took a lot of resting but I finally made the top! This was my 25th state highpoint.

There's so many great photo opportunities on the trail and at the summit, with the rest of the Guadalupes, El Capitan, 62/180 winding through the desert, and the salt flats far away. My favorite is of the footbridge along the cliffs.