Dallas County High Point Trip Report

two areas including BM Patton (870 ft)

Date: November 11, 2002
Authors: Bob Martin and Scott Surgent

On US-67, exit at Mt. Lebanon Road, go west shortly then south, and turn west into the driveway of George Hale's Horse Boarding Facility (marked by a GH logo). We met Mr. Hale, who gladly let us explore the land behind his home. The highest point we deemed was along a fence line about 200 feet north of the house/barn area.

A second area is south about 0.2 mile on Plume Road. Drive no more than 200 feet and park near a set of mailboxes at a Bible Camp. The BM Patton is located here. The map does not indicate a contour of 870 feet but we eyed an immediate area that may rise 1 foot over the bench mark. However, it is built up, so it may be artificial.

The northern area is likely the hp. The map shows the house (Hale's) to be near the contour line itself, and we easily gained about 6 feet to the rise in the pasture.

NOTE: Topo maps are inaccurate! Road names are not in sync with reality. I used a 1993-era topo for Rockwall, which showed tons of new additions in violet.