Dawson County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 13, 2001
Author: Scott Surgent

The Dawson county highpoint is located on the west edge of the county in a region marked by low but distinct hills. The region is devoted to cattle and oil. The best access seems to be from neighboring Gaines county. On highway FM-1066 at the Dawson/Gaines county line, proceed west about 1.2 miles to Gaines County Road 151 on the left (south). Turn onto this hard-packed dirt road and proceed about 1.5 miles to a sketchier dirt road on the left marked by "Goodrich Petroleum" lease signs. Follow this road generally east, past a gravel pit and re-entering Dawson county along the way. Come to a gate at about 1.7 miles. The highpoint is about a half-mile due east of the gate behind an oil well and is somewhat obvious by sight. A sign at this gate noted that the land on the east side was "posted"; another sign facing the other way noted the land on the west side was also posted, although at no time coming in from the west did I ever see any "posted" notices.

I decided to walk the half-mile to the highpoint and got as far as the final access road to the oil well when I noticed cattle grazing in the area. Not wanting to hike amid the big beasts, I returned to my truck and decided to drive in, passing through the unlocked gate and up to the oil well to within about 50 feet of the highpoint. From here, I made a quick jog through a fence to the highest point and right back to my truck. I returned the same way. It appears there may be road access from inside Dawson county off of FM-1066, but I didn't check it out. The secondary road off of Gaines CR-151 was sandy with a large muddy section that probably would bog down a smaller passenger vehicle.