Delta County High Point Trip Report

six areas in or near Pecan Gap (590+ ft)

Date: February 8, 2004
Author: Dave Olson

The most significant thing about the six HP areas of Delta county is the people you will meet as you get permission to visit each HP area. Bill Jacobs and I did them from west to east, and I will describe them in that order. We came in on FM 64 from the west.

HP#1: Just past the county line is the corner with FM 904 and Crawford Street. Check with Mr. Crawford (see below), and then stop at the house northwest of the corner of FM 64 and Crawford Street. We let the elderly couple know who we were and what we were doing. They allowed us to go through the gate in their back yard into the HP#1 pasture. The county line is about half-way between the two fences and the local terrain relief is very low. This spot could be just as high as that spot fifty feet away, far as we could tell. GPS helped to put us in the right spot.

HP#2: Go north on Crawford Street. One long block north is a right hand turn on "Pilgrims Rest" street. The large weathered house northwest of the corner is unoccupied. The next house east, also large and weathered, is the home of Mr. Crawford, who owns HP#1 and HP#2. Stop and get permission from him. HP#2, behind and extending northwest of the two houses is large and has noticeable local relief. This was enjoyable to visit.

HP#3: Go east one more house, a modern house with a fenced front yard, two big "Beware of Dog" signs and two big dogs to beware of. This fellow was pleasant. HP#3 is behind his house and has very low local relief. It seemed to us lower than HP#2 and we believe it can be skipped. Head east on Pilgrims Rest, which becomes Miller.

HP#4: 2nd street, extending north from Miller, bisects this HP area. During our visit we thought the terrain is higher north rather than south in this HP area. It could be highest in either of two pastures or two back yards.

HP#5: A very narrow area south of a pond east of town. The pond is left behind from a gravel pit, and the narrow area is overburden scraped off the pit by bulldozers and piled against the fence line. It is manmade and need not be visited. Great fun though.

HP#6: From #5 go south-southeast uphill to the fenced, windbreak corner of the farm field. The top rounds to a flat and we hiked all about 150 foot radius of the corner and could only presume that we got to the highest point inside HP#6.