Denton County High Point Trip Report

North Hickory Hill - East Shoulder

Date: August 16, 2002
Author: Daniel Smith

Denton was my first county highpoint in my home state of Texas. This one is fairly easy to reach being located just off of a road northeast of Slidell. The road follows the county line between Denton and Wise Counties, and the Denton HP is on the east side, just off of the road. There probably was a higher point than this before the area was settled, but it has since been artificially lowered to make way for the surrounding farmland. This one is really easy to do, and in fact, I did it at 3:30 AM just for the fun of it. After the moon has set, you can get some great views of the Milky Way from this spot, assuming that you don't look back toward the light pollution of Denton and Sanger.

Driving Directions: Beginning in Fort Worth, TX, go north on I-35W N to Denton. In Denton, take I-35 north (where I-35E south splits off) and continue north to Sanger. In Sanger, take Exit 478 (Chapman / FM 455) and turn left (west) under I-35. Continue on FM 455 through Bolivar and into Slidell. In Slidell, turn right (northeast) onto FM 2822. Continue on FM 2822 (which parallels the Wise/Denton county line after the bend) until FM 2825 come in from the left (west) and Waide Road comes in from the right (east). The HP is in this area; walk along the right (east) side of the road to locate the highest natural-looking spot in the area (note that on the other side of the road it is higher, however this is Wise county).