Donley County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 1, 2002
Author: Bob Packard

See John Garner's report. I was driving north on TX 294 heading for Groom when I spied a sign for Bravo Road and since it was mentioned in John's report, I turned east here instead of going into Groom. This road, though, is a mile north of the road John refers to as Bravo. At any rate I figured out how the roads worked, conflicting names and all, and got to the hp he talks about, although I ended up approaching it from the east. I agree that it is hp of the county.

Also agree that there seems to be a mistake on the Groom 7.5 Quad. Here is a case where the Groom 15 Quad seems more accurate, but even this doesn't seem to have is QUITE right. There IS another height of land due north of the first area. And there are tracks leading right to it which go south from the road 1 mile north of the one the first area is on. These tracks start at the west end of that north-south barbell shaped pond and the height of land is much further south than indicated on the 7.5 quad and even a little further south than indicated on the 15 quad. In fact it is at same latitude as that round-ish pond to the west. There is a windmill in this height of land which I doubt can beat that area south of it.