Ector County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 10, 2001
Author Andy Martin

Racing the sinking sun we checked out a southern approach to Winkler county (locked), and then headed on to the hamlet of Notrees, which actually has a couple trees. Leading north out of Notrees is the first divided highway dirt track I'd seen - two decent oil patch service roads, side by side, with a fence right down the middle (only in TX). We took the west road, as the Ector county HP is on the west side of fence. This HP had me concerned, as it is a suspicious isolated 3,380'+ rise right next to a gravel pit. We parked at the base, scampered up, and left a register at the top. Given the geological knowledge that has rubbed off on me from my rambles with Professor Lobdell, I deem this gravel knoll highly suspect (though bushes are growing on it), and we wandered over to the two nearby 3,360'+ areas to the northwest. Hopefully nothing else as high (or higher) will be found in Ector county. I plan on revising the TX list. I was able to get my Honda to the base of Surgent Spire (hill 3380), and we settled in for a windy night.