El Paso County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 30, 2005
Author: Rick Hartman

eastern road approach

If you are approaching from the east, it is more convenient to take the "Patriot Freeway" (Highway 54) north out of El Paso. Exit at Woodrow Bean/Trans-Mountain {Loop 375}. This exit is identified on signs as "Exit #9" as one approaches; but as "Exit #29" when you arrive.

Go West 7.3 miles to the Franklin Mountains Texas State Park. Use caution as the park entrance is not well signed and if you miss it, it is an unsafe location to U-turn. If one continues west another 4 miles, you will intersect with I-10 Exit #6. The Franklin State Park is open from 8 AM-5PM and the fee is now $4.00 per person.

On the eastern side of the Franklin Mountains I recommend visiting the National Border Patrol Museum located right off of Trans-Mountain {Loop 375} west of Highway 54. Finally, there are great and inexpensive Mexican meals available at the El Sarape Cafe at 8100 Dyer (Exit #7), just east of Highway 54.