Erath County High Point Trip Report

one area (1,670+ ft)

Date: March 12, 2003
Author: Bob Martin

This hp is on the large Circle C Ranch. Get to the ranch entrance by going to Huckabay, on TX108 between Stephenville and I20. Drive southwest on FM219 almost 5 miles and 4 1/2 miles northwest on CR108. There you will find a nice, probably locked, gate, with a "C" in a circle.

I was lucky enough to meet a worker delivering materials at that gate. He was good enough to suggest that I follow him in to meet the owner. The friendly owner was at work in construction of deer-pen facilities. He suggested that I drive on out to the high point. Most important, he said that the gate would be unlocked and that I should lock it when exiting.

The hp is not well defined in grassland. The area is on a main ranch road about 4 road miles from the entrance gate.