Falls County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 20, 2003
Author: Bill Jacobs

The two areas are located 20 miles south of Waco near I-35.

Area One: From I-35, take exit 314 at Old Blevins Road, head east. Past a barn with the mighty flag of Texas painted on the roof at 0.4 mile brings you abeam the high point, to the right up the hill with two lonely trees at the top. The property owners live at 0.8 mile (the second home on the right) and readily agreed to grant access. They were county buffs in their own rights having visited all county courthouses in Texas.

Area Two: From I-35 at Eddy, TX, head west turning left (at 0.2 mile) onto Franklin. Another 0.7 mile on Franklin is the home of James Talbert who gave me permission to drive behind his home into the pastures leading to the high area. It's an extensive contour with no distinct high area.