Fayette County High Point Trip Report

Obar Hill (590 ft)

Date: February 2001
Author: Vince Kloster

Obar Hill, at an elevation of 590 feet above sea level, rises some 100 feet above adjacent valleys and about thirty feet above State Highway 95, which crosses its shoulder just east of its crest at a point (2940' N, 9707' W) one mile south of Flatonia in southwestern Fayette County. On the right side of the highway there is a dirt road which seems to lead to some satellite dishes and towers which are completely fenced in. But it was obvious that there was a slight rise in the hill going toward a private home. We drove up a long driveway (1/4 mile from the highway) with fencing on both sides and were met by the owner's dog, who was trying to deny us permission to seek out the high point. My expert in the local knowledge of the area honked the horn to let the owners know we were there. An elderly lady met us at the screen door and told us there were a couple of "Obars" behind her shed. It turns out that these are USGS markers encased in a concrete square with the name "Obar" on them.

After completing the high point I was treated to a tour of the historic Catholic churches in the area built by the original German and Czech settlers in the late 1800's.