Fisher County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 27, 2000
Author: David Olson

Fisher county is west of Jones county. There are miles and miles of countryside plowed up here. Generously, I suppose that it is lying fallow and will be planted next year. Truly awful looking. Bob used his level to save us the time and effort of hiking all over those (six) huge HP areas. 1) The northeast area is a nice pasture hike. 2) You can confine yourself to the vicinity of the radio tower area in this area. 3) Hike north along the road, touching a few areas along the fence, then hike back parallel and 100' west of the road, which Bob says is higher. 4) We found the witness mark for BM Pyron. We did not find the BM itself. Hike southwest 300 feet on to higher ground. 5) Just visit where the two roads cross the HP area. 6) Honestly, I forget what we did with this one. We did go there and we didn't feel obliged to do anything very substantial.