Galveston County High Point Trip Report

nine areas

Date: January 5, 2003
Author: Bill Jacobs

Some of the nine areas of Galveston are difficult to find on the topos due to map congestion and contour lines paralleling county borders. There's the remote possibility I may not have correctly located them all so these findings are open to surgical scrutiny by the more eagle-eyed practitioners of our trade. The high areas of Galveston are situated in the county's northeast quadrant and best approached from Houston via the I-45 corridor.

Area One: From the intersections of routes 518 and 528, proceed south on 528 for 4.3 miles, passing a radio tower on the left and a county line sign (entering Brazoria) on the right. At 4.3 miles, take a hard right turn to the north (Mandale Road - no signage) and proceed 0.5 mile, crossing over a canal, to the mid-point of Area One. Area One is a large (0.2 mile by 0.4 mile) football-shaped contour with no discernible high area. The most perceptible high points within the area are the banks of the canal and the roadbed - these are obviously man-made. Given the overall size of the area and no significant rise in any of the county's other eight areas, this is the likely candidate for the county high point.

Area Two: Continue north to Moore Road; take a right and then an immediate left onto a pothole-strewn road. The second area is off to the left, 0.1 mile up the road, in the pasture - a spill-over from the adjacent county. The tree line on the backside of the pasture aligns with the county line as confirmed by a county sign along Moore Road.

Area Three: Continue north on this road making two 90-degree turns (left then right) and after 0.2 mile arrive at a bend in the gravel roadway heading toward a residence. This is the general vicinity of the high area and note on the topo the north-south axis of the road is west (outside of) of the county line.

Area Four: Now back to Moore Road and turn left toward H528. About 0.4 mile (north of the Friendswood Water Tower and the "Home of the Friendswood Girl's Softball Field") is a subtle rise in the road. It is questionable whether man-made or not but it is nevertheless a strange protuberance in an otherwise flat terrain.

Area Five: From Moore Road and H528 head north for 0.4 mile to the power-lines. The area is to the west, under the power lines, bordered on southern side by a fenced-off housing development. If the highest part of the area was in this southerly direction, it has since undergone grading alterations for new homes. To the north is an open field with no discernible rise in the terrain.

Areas Six through Eight: Continue north on H528 and take the next left into the "Friendswood Golf CC". These three areas are within the golf course property right-of-way and permission should be obtained from club manager Brent Nichols (281-482-4653), or his replacement, prior to entry. Also, ask Mr. Nichols to contact Juan (832-498-7746), the grounds manager, and to tell him you have permission to access the course. It might not be a bad idea to give Juan a call yourself, as he will probably see you driving around the property. After turning off of H528, continue through the golf course straight ahead on to a dirt road, passing Juan's house on the right. Follow the dirt road to a gated fence. The topo barely shows two rises on either side of the road but they no longer appear to be there. If they once were, I would guess, judging by their relationship to the flow of the contour line a few feet away (in the next county to the west) that these were man-made anyway. Head north one tenth of a mile and find the next area.

Area Nine: This area is somewhat distant from the rest, where H6 intersects with Algoa. About 0.2 mile west of Algoa, on H6, head south on Mustang Road for 0.4 mile then take a 30 degree left turn onto Fir Road for another 0.4 mile. You should arrive at the intersection of Lilly and Fir where off to the southeast, in an open field, is the high area. Although dusk was settling in, I noted some prominence while walking around the field. There are several new homes in the vicinity so the area might someday disappear under the blade of construction grader.