Gray County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 15, 2004
Author: Bill Jacobs

Gray, Texas' highest listed area appears to be man-made. The 3,325 contour is only 100 feet across and located at a four-way intersection. Certain contour characteristics cast doubts about the hand of nature having something to do with its formation. The area is triangular in shape, three straight sides with rounded tips - an unnatural geographic shape. Two sides of the triangle perfectly overlap the northern and eastern spokes of the four-way road intersection with the third side cutting across the northeast quadrant. The intervening area enclosing the contour appears to have the remnants of a foundation that once supported a structure. Thus, the height of the entire area can be explained away by either terrain disturbance from road excavation or buildup for structure support.

The area has a 3325 sighting, meaning the elevation gain only protrudes one foot into the contour. The surrounding natural terrain is almost pancake-flat and to have an abrupt rise, albeit only few feet, is not a logical fit.

Given these assumptions, the underlying 3320-foot contour, becomes the candidate for the highest point. This area, where it is contain within in Gray County, is a mile long on its major axis and up to one half mile - where it spills over from the neighboring county - on the minor axis. The county line, a half-mile from the presumed man-made area, is the more likely highest point. However, it is difficult to discern elevation heights due to the general flatness as well as the plains grass, as far as the eye can see and as high as a coyote's eye, obscuring the subtle changes in terrain slope.

Future travelers to Gray are welcome to test these assumptions.