Grayson County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 9, 2002
Authors: Scott Surgent and Bob Martin

On FM120 between Pottsboro and Denison, drive to a point about 4 miles east of Pottsboro. This is at a point midway between spot elevations 847 and 844 on the topo, and is southeast of the hp.

We entered a gate that was unlocked and drove northwest a quarter mile to a house and outlying buildings. Here we met a large, friendly man who was visiting with a neighbor. He was quite aware that the hp was on his property. He said we should park near the house, walk west through a gate north of a building, and on northwest to the hp. At the hp we found an old cairn built of large rocks. We did not disturb the cairn.

Upon our return the man told us that if we had lifted out some rocks at the cairn, we would have seen a BM. We engaged in a long conversation with the owner. On thing he seemed to be proud of was that he had retired before age 40. Some of us should have taken lessons from him.

He asked us to lock the gate when leaving, indicating that subsequent visitors might find the gate locked.