Hansford County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 2002
Author: Scott Surgent

In 2000, I failed to visit one area well to the south of the concentration of areas comprising this county's HP. Much to my embarrassment, this final area (3,370-foot contour) is easily visited - FM-520 passes right over it. So I drove to the area, walked it, looked around. I also revisited a 3,375-foot region about 10 miles N, hiking up a fence line about 1/2 mile and doing a "toe-under" at the crest (as best could be determined).

So here's the skinny on Hansford: 10 areas spread over 3 maps. The maps are not consistent in contour intervals, adding to the problem. Northernmost areas dominated by a huge dashed 3,375-foot contour at junctions of FM-1573 and TX-15, with a spot elevation of 3,378 feet. These are on the "West of Gruver" USGS map. In the immediate area are a handful of small 3,370-foot contours, some easily visited, some not.

Next two areas are south a bit on the adjacent "Hanna's Draw West" map, which marks every 5-feet, so includes two 3,375-foot contours. One is extremely tiny and right along FM-1573. The other is 1 mile west along the county line and easily reached from ranch roads and a hike. The last area (3,370 feet) is spread over two maps: Hanna's Draw West and Capps Switch Southeast and is cut by FM-520, and is easily visited. A 3,375-foot contour is shown in neighboring Sherman county.

In my opinion, a good faith claim to Hansford county can be made if one visits the large 3,375-foot dashed contour in the north. It's probably best to drive this area and get out and walk as needed, stepping on any areas that seem higher, real or imagined. One also should visit the 3,375-foot area on the Hanna's Draw West map along the county line. The tiny 3,375-foot region along FM-1573 is optional but easily martinized. To me, this is adequate. The other areas can be visited as well. Only 2 or 3 tiny 3,370-foot areas north of the big area are off the road a bit, but by inspection these areas are totally flat and unlikely to rise more than a foot, much less 8 feet, in order to break the 3,378 threshold.