Harris County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 22, 1998
Author: Dave Covill

There are several areas at 310+ feet, 7 to be exact. Three are too small to be over 311 feet and I hand-leveled the others. The northern-most area, at the very tip of the county, rises at least 5-6 feet from the road and I presume the road is about 312 feet right there, putting it at around 317 2 feet. There is a barn visible right at the county line and I sighted to the base of the barn from the edge of the road, at head level. On the other larger areas to the south, it is all very flat farm land and there is a 5-house neighborhood on a road that is marked on the map as a fence line, running from the 311-foot windmill due north a quarter mile.

The high point of all that area appears to be near the intersection of that road and the east-west road leaving the 303-foot spot elevation on route 362 and going east, known as Mayer Road. I would guess it to be about 315 or 316 1 foot. Not real exciting.

My Texas count should now read 9 counties, a 72-oz steak consumed in an hour; an armadillo for a pet ( I call him Bob Bob, since every one in Texas has at least 1 Bob in their name); one tornado survived under a highway overpass in my trusty Rodeo; three Dallas Cowboy cheerleader wanna-be's thoroughly pre-screened before they tried out for my uncle Jerry's team; and one oil well dug by hand until it gushed.