Harrison County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 31, 2006
Author: Fred Dale

Thanks to the first ascender who provided helpful information.

Start at US Highway 80 and TX Highway 450 in downtown Hallsville. Go east on 80 for 3.2 miles and cautiously turn left (north) onto CR 3804 (also known as "Firetower Road"). Proceed 1.7 miles on this curvy (goes north, then east, then northeast) road to a gravel drive on the right. It goes up to a travel-trailer and home under construction at hill-top. Alas, no one was home but the barkers this day. Good views to the east. The hp would seem to be just off the property near the collapsed-on-its-side fire tower, between the gated microwave tower and the home site.

There is an interesting roadside spring on the right on up 3804 past the driveway.

GPS-derived coordinates using NAD27 datum (32° 31' 49" N, 94° 30' 9" W)

topo chart